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In meditation, you learn to stop paying attention to the content of thoughts and begin to rest your attention on the awareness that is aware of thoughts.
At one level, that light shines from the center of your being. So every apparent individual form is shining that same light from its own center. The fun part is at another level, that light shines from no center. It shines for all infinity everywhere. So then there is no fixed point of perception.
Whatever you resist, whatever you remain unconscious to or distract yourself from continues to hurt you, continues to dictate your life and lead you further into separation and stress. The moment you can be honest of its presence and allow it completely, then awareness transforms it into peace.

Just Be You

A bit from a wonderful message I channeled this morning...When you are in joy, you experience your life and you instantly send out energy that calls out what you want, and what you “want more of”. You don’t have to think about what you wish to create to be happy. Just be you...the universe takes care of the rest.
We are all one. Those on the other side affect us and we can also influence them. You can help your loved ones who have passed over through Moving through your life's challenges Forgiveness and Living Your life to the Fullest.
Once you have awakened into the experience of consciousness and energy, there are two main practices: One is to rest in the nothingness in every moment. The is to be devoted to the bliss that is here.
You can let go of the thoughts your are involved with. You don't let go of the thought to grab something else. Rather, you just rest in letting go. You rest in that place of not holding on to anything. Then you are no longer a something. You are formless consciousness.
It is helpful to recognize that the one infinite consciousness is looking through your eyes; is aware of this moment through and as your form. If you really look, you will see it is not 'your consciousness" that is looking. It is consciousness itself.
The idea that you are a person moving into peace, moving into consciousness from my perspective is false. The essence of everything; the essence of what you are is the most exquisite peace. Blissful, silence, unconditional love pure consciousness.

Creative Joy

A lack of creative joy in our activities often means we are held captive by the movement of our conditioned thinking and imagination, all the while believing that we are perfectly rational and sane.
One of the reasons we do spiritual practice is to push our attention beyond this sense of 'me.' You can increase your meditation, and other practices and bring up the intensity so that you are always having to surrender yourself to this moment in every moment.
The Formlessness Consciousness that you love or seek is looking through you, is aware in this moment; is always awake and watching in this moment, as this moment.
I've heard a story about the Buddha and that when the Buddha attained enlightenment he was just silent. He didn't say anything.
You can get to that place where there is just the purity of consciousness. It's completely clean. There is no "you" allowed in it. It's extraordinary peace.
Healing is the loving touch of the ?self? that brings it back to its natural state and allows us to ?be? with all that ?is? , and helps the ?self? to heal us faster ? when healing does not work, it only means that the mind-intellect-ego is not relaxing enough
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