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There is a sense of giving yourself up in this moment, giving yourself to this moment so that meditation can take over.
When you truly experience that you are nothing, you realize consciousness itself, peace itself; that everything is made of this same nothingness, this same consciousness, this same peace.
You can exercise your spirituality to see little successes turn into big successes.
Conscious Boundaries aren't here to limit us from within. Instead, it teaches what will and won't work for us, allowing us to become free from within. It helps us makes the best choices.
In India there is a long-standing disagreement on the nature and purpose of meditation. One school of thought considers that definite–and conscious–evolutionary change is necessary for liberation; consequently meditation must be an actively transforming process. The other view is that the only thing needed for liberation is re-entry into our true, eternal nature. That nothing need be “done” at all except to perceive the truth of ourselves. Obviously their meditation procedures are going to be completely different.
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But if the mind does not cling on to that self, if your attention does not have to cling on, if you release that clinging urge, when you relax that sense of being enough it becomes something that cannot be spoken about in any way. It's the absence of everything. It is the absence of everything yet it is infinite.
When attention directly experiences this moment, it experiences itself. Because When attention is freed from being bound by mental perception, all that is left is attention. Consciousness is all that there is. It's everywhere and everything.
You feel both the oneness and the sense of you & everything else. But that everything else is still oneness. People make sandcastles on the beach. They make dolphins, mermaids all out of sand on the beach. Write their names in the sand. You can be aware of all of these things, but they are all made of sand. That essential oneness remains
But when the mind begins to feel the peace or the bliss or the love or the silence of this moment, it falls in love with it, wants more. And then the ego willingly dissolves itself into this peace through relaxation.
If you release yourself from being involved with subject/object, definitions, descriptions judgments, then where am I and where are you? Where is this idea of me and you? It's not here. There is just formless consciousness.
The real purpose of meditation is to evolve to higher awareness, the pure consciousness. But, unfortunately most of people because of lack of right knowledge and realization have been proceeding on the path of trance, delirium and unconsciousness. Even most of gurus also have been teaching delirium in the name of meditation and spirituality because of their ignorance.
When you fall in love with this peace, you're home free. When you're not in love with this peace, then no matter what you attain, what you experience, it will not fully satisfy you.
The purpose of this peace is not to give you more money, not to heal your body, not to make you happier, not to make you enlightened. The purpose of this peace is peace itself. Because that is fulfillment itself.
You may start with resting in 'I am,' and feeling your sense of being that is beyond thinking. And that may turn into witnessing. And witnessing may turn into 'everything simply is,' the sense of no separation between you and the world.
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