Dear Friend, A free online course offers the opportunity to learn to love ourselves more, our fellow man and reach enlightenment in a new way. It starts in part 1. conquering our will and via part 2. follow your heart you will reach finally in part 4. float on the stream of Love or Enlightenment. Each time negative emotions are interfering and an obstacle to following positivity. A method has been introduced to conquer these emotions. When negative emotions increasingly belong to the past, wars, violence, distrust, fights, grief will fade away. This will make room for positivity. One negative thought or feeling less will give one positive experience room to flourish. Paradise starts within our own mind. We can only love earth and each other truly if we are able to feel love for ourselves. If we accept ourselves, we are able to accept everybody else. If we accept our own failures, we can feel regret when we watch others. If we understand ourselves better, we can see how we all are trying very hard. All of us are plodders with the same needs. Let's be mild for each other. I want to share the insights I received these last 10 years of my life with everybody who is interested. They are a great present. Sharing it for free gives me the right feeling that I do not own anything. Everything is a gift. It is also a present that I get the opportunity to share it with you. So please accept this token of appreciation and Love. Use it and transform together with your relatives earth into a paradise to dwell. Share it with others. take care, Robu. NihonVision, new school for enlightenment