These are exciting times. An evolutionary mutation of consciousness is just round the corner. In the history of evolution, whenever a critical mass of members of a species adapts to a new way of being, mutation happens and the species evolves. A new level of human consciousness is on the verge of emerging. It is just waiting for the critical-mass tipping point.

There must have been a period, just before we became full-fledged homo-erectus, when some of us were still using our forelegs for walking while others were using these as hands with increasing dexterity and perhaps already walking on twos. And then suddenly, a critical mass was reached and everyone started following the new model. Thereafter, mutated offspring were born with erect walk and dexterity already programmed into their DNA. Likewise, today we find a host of individuals struggling with challenges of unconsciousness – uncovering the games we play, the masks we hide behind, the multiple identities of ego we live from. As soon as enough of us become consciousness-conscious, that critical mass will be achieved. A new chapter in the story of evolution will begin.

What will that new realm look like? The world will no longer be black and white; good and bad, because at the source of all duality is conscious and unconscious. Once unconsciousness is dispelled, everything comes under light. That is what enlightenment actually is – not some thunder and lightening phenomenon that leaves in its wake a halo around our heads. When everything in our minds is brought under the light of our ‘seeing’ or consciousness, we can call ourselves enlightened. Hidden drivers no longer run our lives, making us act against our very own will. It is these drivers that are at the source of all wrongdoing, and in the extreme case, all crime. According to Eckhart Tolle, there is no right or wrong; good or bad – there is only conscious and unconscious. When you act from full consciousness, whatever action you take, is exactly as it should be.


We have often heard it said that ‘the human brain works only at a tenth of its capacity’. ‘Tripping’ or the use of stimulants marginally enhances our mind by tapping into this unused capacity – and the results are dramatic – creative insights, spiritual highs and even ecstasy. Imagine a new reality where instead of marginal access the whole domain of unconsciousness is accessible.


We paid a huge psychological price for our transition from the animal to civilized state. The process of socialization demanded rigorous discipline, and discipline implies repression of spontaneity. Individuals needed to fit into social moulds – the price was individuality. That individuality – our singular uniqueness – is actually what we call our spirit. The spirit of the individual got alienated. In the larger interest of community building we stopped heeding to it. Over time, this inner voice became feebler and feebler. In the new age spirituality, human beings are getting back in touch with this spirit. We had left it behind in the march-past to our scientific glory, where being in step was of supreme importance. We are beginning to listen to it, to reclaim it once again.        

Consciousness pioneers and the science of psychology are enabling us to retrieve this lost essence of our selves. So many self awareness streams, new age groups and organizations, authors and individuals are playing midwife to a new age of consciousness. We are fast approaching the critical mass. The toil and effort of understanding and experiencing this new realm of consciousness will soon cease. We will not need to struggle with it anymore. It is in the air and it is infectious. Everyone will catch it willy-nilly because it is in the natural flow of human evolution.

So the countdown has begun! As I said, these are exciting times and I am excited to be a part of these times!