It is clear that those in leadership in this world more often then not seek control. Many of the religions were started due to perhaps a "worthy" cause but soon became appesable to those who were leadership as a way to have more control over the minds of the people. They took the most revered sacred literature of the day "the Holy Bible" and over hundreds of years would edit into such that it moved the society to rely upon those in leadership. They started churches to be the center of dictatorship and this only ended when the churches exerted enough power that it showed those in authority that perhaps the churches had only become to strong to control. Thus the years of war started as a religious zeal that they were the ones who were RIGHT! Now many things have changed since these early stages in many ways. However some things I do take notice of. We are still taught that looking to leadership for answers is the best course of action for survival in society. In one area i would like to pay particular attention to is that of religion. Now the definition of religion from Websters, which is in my experience of the most used source of definition, states religion is defined as


"A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs."


Now my experience of this definition tells me that religion is simply a way that a mass of human beings chose to answer their questions so that they would stop asking themsevles if conformity was truly the best method for "happiness". Now I say my experience becase we do get to keep in mind that a individual with set belief systems is composing this. I am also not against religion as I see that there are many ways that religions contribute for they unifying individuals together in a spiritual manner which often times is the most open people are in life. What I am seeing as wisdom to step away from is looking to another for your answers. Conformity, if meaning that you step away from your own individuality and your own thought patterns and feelings to blend into society I am certanly not proposing continues. I do see that a unification does indeed get to occur. For as I have been about this world I see that people have stopped connecting with one another. We came up for a new term for it... Strangers. Anyways that is certainly another topic for another day.


However what i often see in religion is there is a conforming process that takes place. People are taught from an early way that this is what is truth. If it does not fall in what they learned in their youth they have been programmed to be against it or certainly not accept it as truth. It is just confused people living in confusing ways. Now I do not see when this began but I certainly see it mainly in the older generations. What I see in the arising generation is that they are committed to creating independence from the conformity of society. I have experienced as I look into the media that I can often see what the general feelings of the generations are going through. What I see prevalent is that the youth are declaring their independence and its now time to embrace what brings them joy, love, and in these times spirituality. Now I also realize that as I listen to the youth around me, meaning youth to be free in heart, that I will be led to what feels to me higher truth. Higher truth meaning it feels better than what I regarded as truth before.


Now as we go forth in life we hear many different truths. I have searched and I can not find a religion that teaches the same exact thing. They certainly have many similaries, but very disimilar as well. Now religion is created by a mass of human beings all accepting that what is held in that organization as truth also as truth at least the underlying beliefs. Anyways walking down the street you may stop to speak with a an individual whom terms his spiritual reference to be Catholic. As you speak with him you might hear many things that has been taught to him as he has taken religious education. He now speaks it forth to you and speaking it forth as truth. What he states he may say it with every confiction he has but it does not resonate with you as truth. It may even go against what you have taught. And there may be friction inside of you as he speaks for the emotions in your body may indeed become tense and you may even feel a jolt to stop him from speaking for it does not go with what you are feeling. In the world I do see the rigid emotions have gone to anger, even violence. So what causes perhaps the rigid emotions if you have ever felt them or even someone you know. I see it as the belief systems taught for hundreds even perhaps thousands of years that there is a right or wrong.


The thought patterns may look like this: It is etiher true or its not. Either this catholic is right in what he is saying or I am right and we can't both be right because thats just impossible. It resonated within me so I must be right and what he saying is not resonating with me so he must be wrong. If he is wrong then that could make him a wrong person for he is speaking with such conficition. That means that he must do wrong things to make him a wrong person. But this person seems really good. There must be a force that is making him be wrong. He is really good but he has been led astray. Poor man, I feel sorry for him now. I must make him see the error of his ways! I must show him that I am right and that he is wrong. Otherwise he will never have a truly "happy" life.


Alright so you may say thats not me and maybe its not. But it does feel pretty conflicting to look at it in this way does it not. Who is the declarer of truth? How does anyone know for certain what is truth? You may have a feeling or a resonance but how can you say that what you are holding as truth is actually truth! AHHH That means that there is nothing i can do to prove what is truth or not!! I am doomed to confusion!


Okay so there are two sides of the spectrum there. Now there is a way that I have felt to look at it and it has really produced great results for me in my life. You can take it or leave it. What if it were all truth! What if everything that came out of the human mouth was truth. They spoke it and they spoke it as what their mind accepted as truth. Well you may ask how can it all be truth! Thats ridiculous, because what two people say may completely contradict one another. So lets see this scientiically here there is a great deal of science about light. Not even science but simply look at a light that you can brighten or dim. You may see that when the light switch is all the way up that it shines brightly and what ever is not as bright is dimmer. There are different shades of brightness, okay we can see that with our human eyes. Now lets also look at the human body can you see that there could be a light switch in an individal and a light substance even going into their body. The most commonly word known for this could be the individuals spirit. What if all spirit is light! We also see that every person has their own uniqueness! So there are all different lights in the world! Now we could maybe even see that some people have a light that shines "brighter" than another spirit. Or another spirit appears dimmer than another spirit. Also it makes sense to even say that all spirits are born with their own individualities and perhaps brighter or dimmer appearing lights. Now does that mean that some spirits are naturally worse than others because they have a dimmer light?


Alright now lets look at another very beautiful insight. Music is very much similar to light. Music produces sound waves which the human body takes in as light. Now if you see on a piano that it is full of white keys and black keyes. The black keys are just one half note lower than the previous white key. Together the black and white keys create what has been passed down throughout perhaps all of mankind as beauty, purity and goodness. Now music is composed of higher and lower notes but you would not have the song without both of them combined. So we have looked at two very different but similar sources of light and music in discussion of truth. What if truth also flowed in different freqencies of light!


Now thats probably easy to embrace in seeing that accepting truth could easily be described as embracing light into ones body. So there are brighter and dimmer truths but they each could just also be a note in the beautiful song of life! So if everything is truth and all truth could be beautiful and melodic how can I choose what to embrace as truth? If its all truth how do I know what is truth! Wow, ya thats quite a thought there but refreshing all the same. It just can't be defined. Its all truth I don't know if to shout hooray or yikes!


Alright if you accepted any or all of these thought patterns thats up to you but if you did I would really want to give you this much to feel and think about as well. What if we stopped living in comparison and just enjoyed it all! So if you stopped to talk to the catholic man next door and he loves to talk! He will most likely be stating his truth and what if I just said he is in his space, he is in his truth! That does not mean that what he is saying I have to take in as my truth! For I see there are different frequencies of light and both frequencies are beautiful. However on my journey and on my path I get to embrace my truth! A person may come up to me and totally own their truth and I may even say to myself wow that really made sense or boy i really felt the conviction in their voice. I may even want to embrace that as my truth but I get to feel that out for myself. For it is my journey after all and I get to walk in my truth.


My truth is my truth. It does not need to be approved.

I know what I know because the knowledge is my own

It was not given or taught I did not recieve it from outside

My truth is my truth because it came from within me

I look at others they believe differently
Thats okay for that is what they believe
I don't validate and say that your truth is more important
than someone else's for this is foolish

Each one of us is different in our own way
We hold different things important
that represents our uniquness and equality

For why would an individual hold themselves higher than another

 We each hold different lives, we're born into different circumstances
We hold different relationships. We dress differently
We speak differently. We hold different gifts.
The fact remains we are different. So why would truth be different?

One person wakes and find the day sunny and bright
another could wake and only see misery in sight
Are each one of them not right in their own way?
Its not fair to see it any differently.

 I choose what I choose to see. I am often carefree and bright.
For this is my spirit chooses to represent. Joy and laughter.
Love and tenderness. Faith and trust. But what if another
chooses to only be just?

There is a balance upon this Earth. We call it a world
and we each are a part. We consruct religion to represent
a wide culture of beliefs and traditions. Its beautifuI this way
But why would anyone see it as the only way?

Many people choose to look up and see another person
that they call higher and wiser. More in tune with what is.
But this to me is not wise and is an illusion.
For we all hold the right of divine communion.

For me I choose to see truth all around. I see society as it is now. Very egoic and full of nonsense I may say
but for another it is reality. So I honor it, I honor you

I honor all that this world chooses to do.
I will go on as I may. For I am free and each day is my own.
I choose to express that what I hold within. for another may find inspiration.

And I see the beauty each of us bring.
And I walk in gratitude each day.
I sing I dance. I drink and play. I find others who also
are like me in this way. I learn and laugh and hope and dream.
I choose to see many things differently. And this I do
Because I am free to see my truth as my truth independetly.

So I declare now this is my truth! That we are all beautiful, loving, divine children of light! That we are all perfect! That what causes joy is shining as who we are! To embrace who we are is to truly embrace God. For God you are me! This is my truth that I want to be free from the anger, from the confusion. I declare that I am clear and that I walk forward in my light which is my joy, my love, my peace. I wish to be united with my other brothers and sisters. I wish to see the world in joy, love, and peace. I invision a day that I will go around the world and see all the children of light shining as who they are in joy. They will walk as the inspiring, empowering spirit beings that they are! That every voice will sing their truth and their light to create a beautiful melody of life.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!