So easily you give up; to vanity your souls
You see a reality, but can you truly see?

The glitz and glitter dazzle, are you blinded by their light?
The longings wrap around you,
This world creeps close and tight....

Another day another night, you roll without a clue
Passing much too quickly, to glimpse eternal truths
What you think you see are clear visions
Composed of darkness and light

In the darkness secrets are deeply hidden
In a vault behind a locked door
To expose to light to makes you shudder
Longing for blindness you're drawn deeper into the snare
Walking in.. the tangle of webs wrap about you
My light floods Illumination in search of you
Its quest: liberation of your Soul to soar great heights

You must master your soul within the spirit
Whatever owns your heart will master your true life
Deep, dark, gripping snarls from one master
Yet created for joy, peace and light
This body is not timeless - so stop striving
Your soul will have a home ..... this is your choice
Your eyes and heart may wander for seasons
But your designer ends all roads of a life time

We do not receive the road map to follow
Our eyes must not lead us astray
We must embrace faith to be guided
We hire our own guide with the time we pay
Trust is the purest of payments
Your heart, through love, will lead you home
Through the doorway of Darkness... bound by guilt and misery
Or passing by that into brightness beyond our belief

~C Huffmaster

©Candace Huffmaster 2008 All Rights Reserved