Some people may wonder why they are here, what they are going to do next, when the perfect oportunity is supposed to come along and change their life.  I am going to tell you, that you are in charge of everything you do.  Yes, things happen, things that will change you forever and that seem just plain evil.  I know.  But there is an answer to every question that you have.  All you have to do is feel, and know. 
   I had a brother once, and he was amazing.  He suffered a brittle bone disease for his whole life called osteogenesis imperfecta.  He was in a wheel chair or on crutches for most of his childhood, with about 38 fractures in his life.  He never complained, was always simply grateful for what he could do, and believe me, he could do a lot.  After graduating high school he went to seattle and took lessons in Tae Kwon Do.  He earned his black belt and became a teacher, charming every kid he worked with, with his positive attitude.  This is absolutely unthinkable for the disease he had.  If you look it up online, you will know.  It is the will, the drive, that brings you to where you want to be.  Complain all you want, feel sorry for yourself, and I know how easy that is, because we all live in the same world.  I just can't stress enough how being positive and always finding something good in whatever happens, has such an impact on everything.  I mean Everything!  Once you can truly be happy, things will happen in your life that will amaze you every day.  You never even thought that so many good things could happen, even though when you think about it, it all led up to this.  Right now.  It was coming, and what happened, had to happen, and now you are reading this.  Crazy.  It's just another thing, leading to another, always getting better and better, because as humans, being alive, that is our main goal and it always has been.  Our other choices are staying the same, which is pretty boring if you ask me, or getting worse, and everyone knows that going backwards is not fun in life.  I have a certain will to let everybody know the truth of who they are, and how special they are to everything that is happening.  You are here right now, you are alive!  You are not just part of what is going on, you ARE what is going on!  Everything you see is a reflection of you, including your dog.  Ever notice how they get sad when you do?  And how they know when you have just fallen in love?  They want to keep that person around, so you will be happy again!!!  Amazing?  Yes it is.  Sometimes the truth seems so far away, and it can be frusterating trying to remember all that you have learned, all that you are.  But just remember:  it is all right here, right now.  This is happening, and it will never stop.  Feel like you are on top of the world all the time, because you are.  And whatever you think, happens.  Simple as that.  You also need to feel. It seems like that is the most common thing that people forget.  I have a feeling, though, that everybody will remember here shortly, and it will be the best thing that has ever happened.