This is my first time here I dont know if I am doing this right.  I dont know where to turn and I hope this is a place I can write my question and hope to get answers back right away, if thats how it works here. 
Anyway, basically my Aunt Bert was diagnosed with a tennis ball size tumor on her lung and it is cancer.  They could not cut into her to take it out because too dangerous of spreading the cancer. so they went in by endoscope they were gonna use it to go in there and just pull it out. But when they got to her esophogus they saw it was full of cancer.
Well my hiatal hernia has been excruciating all of a sudden past few days.  It has not bothered me in years.  Every night I wake up vomiting all over.  I can not swallow anything solid and even that everything gets stuck in my esophogus and has a long time to go down, EVEN fluids!!  I saw my doc and tomorrow I am having an emergency endoscopy.  Here is the question I have........
I prayed, IN the Spirit and meditated on it for God to put my Aunts cancer in my esophogus and she will have one of those "mystery miricles" I promised God that if He did it I would not tell so they could rejoice.  Me, my life is not really that important.  I am anti-social so I dont get along with people.  I have 8 cats and they are my family and my friends.  I am bedridden disabled, tons of irritating illnessess.  I have lived a long life, Im over it.  Plus I am very strong with dealing with illness.  So I even told God I would not complain if He does this and I dont feel well.  My Aunt Bert is sooooo sweet, so vibrant! She is so active and tons of friends and family who just cherish her so much.  She does not deserve cancer and the cancer she has will take her away from so many people who need her so badly right now.  No one needs me, and not many people would even know if I died.  I dont have any social ties except for perfect strangers on the internet and my husband, whom I have been a HUGE burden on.  So do you think He will do this for us?
Peace and Love,