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Sharon-Ann Riley
Over the last 12 years Sharon-Ann has established herself as an internationally well-known and reputable Spiritual Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Soul Guide Towards the end of 2010, she specialized as a Spiritual Teacher, shortly thereafter, a Spiritual Master. This role came quite easily to Sharon-Ann as she has experienced numerous E.T. visitations, UFO encounters, spiritual beings and elementals throughout her life. As a Spiritual Teacher Sharon-Ann works to inspire Higher Self consciousness; empowering others to trust their divinity and spiritual knowingness. She has a remarkable talent for making people feel instantly at ease and this atmosphere of comfort creates much receptivity, which results in abundant outcomes. 
By Sharon-Ann Riley
Published on 07/6/2011

July Vibes, Galactic Federation of Light (transcript), Sharon-Ann Riley, 6 July 2011
Greetings Masters, Sisters, Brothers..... We call out to those who have stumbled off their path; we offer sanctuary. We offer light to those who are lost in the darkness. We give warmth to the hearth whose flame has been put out. Yes dear ones, we know that the transition from fear and manipulation to unconditional love and authentic self has left many questioning what is really real. This is indeed the hardest part: standing up for what you believe in, integrating your divine originality and loving yourself enough to put loving boundaries in place. This is a battle of internal fight. We know that many of you are calling out for assistance, and we want you to know that all of you are supported. This month Humanity experiences the greatest shift in its history; divine choice.

No longer does religion, potentates, governments and false messiahs have claim to your divine spark. The head of your empowerment and physical reality is yours and yours alone. This is real. By choice you decide if and when to accept this transcendence. It is time for all to stand up and have a voice, take responsibility and stand up for what you believe in. With conviction, the ball is in your court. The theme of this month is not to celebrate victimhood but to stand up, even though you may be battered and bruised, to pick yourself up and carry on walking in your authentic truth.

The time of looking outside yourself for the guru, swami or divine assistance is no longer relevant to the vibration of unconditional love. Mother Gaia cannot exist in the energy of “the pied piper”. Mother Gaia is unconditional and all loving and she has chosen the vibration of authenticity and this is indeed in the highest good for all. We say this again; choose wisely for yourself and yourself alone. For the first time in your History your attitude, unconditional love for yourself and control of your thoughts can change the course of the Earth's future, for the better. It is in your hands. The above transcript is copyrighted to www.sharonannriley.com . Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit to ©2011 Sharon-Ann Riley and website is included. For all publications / syndications please email: info@sharonannriley.com