A new book has just come out to help us deal with the question that sits in the back of our mind like a low level hum. It’s a question that, when we try to answer it, can make us feel anxious, depressed, or ungrateful.

The question usually comes up when we least want to listen to it and it goes something like this: “Is this all there is? Does my life matter? Why am I here?” The question sometimes pops up when we take a step away from whatever it is that consumes our days - whether it's shuttling the kids to soccer, punching in at work, or walking through the mall. It’s that moment when we begin to have an inkling that there is something deeper and more spiritual to life, but don’t know what to do with it yet. In her spiritual memoir, WHERE AM I GOING: Moving From Religious Tourist To Spiritual Explorer, former ad exec and Pink Crosses founder Michelle Cromer leads us through the seven stages of enlightenment that are common to all traditions. Cromer says “I wrote this book because I didn’t find answers reflected within the religious texts and spiritual books I studied over the years and I wasn’t getting answers to my personal questions reading them.” The author figured if she wasn’t getting answers, others weren’t either and that’s why she penned her story. If you are the type of person who tends to travel to find meaning in life, you will especially like this book.

The seven stages of enlightenment are fun to go through to see where you are today and what might be on the horizon. Check out the book and blog with the author at http://www.michellecromer.cm