Why is it so difficult to live a spiritual lifestyle? Everything about it is better than the alternative. A life built upon qualities like compassion, kindness, peacefulness, honesty, etc. is miles ahead of one based on fear, anxiety, stress, feeling unworthy, and so forth. You feel better, you are more at peace, you will be healthier, happier and you will live longer. And yet, faced with the unequivocal benefits of spirituality, and I am not talking about becoming a monk, but simply living from spiritual principles, we seem to be passionately driven to shoot ourselves in the foot (or worse). For thousands of years our most important teachers like Buddha, Christ, Indian Gurus and literally thousands of Rinpoches, shaman, monks, rabbis, ministers and priests have urged us to deepen our spiritual commitment. So what gets in our way? You donít really want to be angry or anxious or depressed. You donít enjoy being unkind to your partner or family, you donít really want to snap at your boss, or be angry at God. But sometimes you just cannot help yourself (or so it seems). The drive for these behaviors seems to come from so deep inside that you hardly know who is doing it. And if itís not you who is doing it, there is always some way for things to go wrong anyway. No matter what you do or how hard you try, it often feels like life is just going to go sour on you anyway. It can seem very unfair. I think John Rusakan speaks for most of us when he wrote: I see that I am often angry. I see that I experience much pain in my intimate relationships. I see that I am still isolated, lonely, and living in anxiety if not downright fear. All this even though I'm trying my best to keep up a dedicated meditation and yoga practice, trying to be conscious of the karma I am generating, trying to be a "loving and spiritual" person. One of the few consoling realizations is that I am certainly not alone. As I look at others, I see the same if not exaggerated condition. As a very important aside, anytime you find something dysfunctional that cuts across virtually all of human behavior, you have to know that