After many years on a spiritual path I still had questions but found no answers. In my dispair I turned to the bible. I was brought up Cathlic but turned away from the church as I did not agree with their interpretation of the bible nor their concept of God.

I focused my reading on Jesus' words only and not the diciples interpretation of them. When I read that Jesus said :You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, my hunger to know the truth was born. What I was seeking for many years now had a name "The Truth" but I still did not know what I that meant nor what I was in particular looking for. Jesus never said this or that is the truth, but he did give many pointers:

 1) God is spirit 2) I and my father are one 3) Be ye perfect as the father in heaven is perfect and 4) Know thy self

1)If God is spirt....who, where and what is spirit. Looking closer I realized that spirit was life, love, that which gives of itself. To recognize spirit we have to look for life. That which is alive, can not die or decay and never changes.

2)Jesus claimed to be one with the father. He understood that the creator (the father) and the created (the son) are the same.

3) Jesus asked us to be perfect as the father in heaven is perfect. To be is not to become. To become means we are not and already. Instead we think if I did this or that than I will be. I am is already and now.

4) To know thy self means to know your true being, not who you think you are. Before knowing my self I would have answered I am Vivian, 50 years old, a mother to 4 kids and a grandmother. I might have also identified my self witrh being married and my job. But when you think about it the question arises: Is that truly who I am? Will I cease to exsist if I change my name to Marsha? So I am not my name. Will I cease to exsist if I changed my personality? What is my personality but a bunch of made up likes and dislikes, habits and beliefs. Am I my age? Was I not at every age, will I not be in the future? Would I still be if I wasn't a mother, grandmother, divorced, without a job or change in careers?

I am none of these. I can not be any of these things; not this nor that. To know myself I must move beyond all physical forms, move beyond all judgement of good and bad, move beyond all beliefs, strip my self naked of all clothing.

To be free of suffering one has to let go of that which causes all suffering: the belief in duality.