One day while sitting outside I was thinking about my relationship to God as I heard a voice (mine : ) say: I am closer than you think. My first reaction was....of course you are, everyone knows that. But I heard no reply, so I started to think about what I had heard....closer than I think.....thinking....thought. Then it dawned on me....before thought. That's it! Suddenly everything made sense, like door opening up, I understood. Closer than thought, before thought. Before anything came into being. That is why Jesus said :Before you were born I was.  That is why Jesus said: Take no thought for what you will eat or wear or for tomorrow. All things will be taken care of.  Thought is the only thing that separates me from all/God and if I observe that thought I am not that thought nor the one who is creating that thought. I am simply the witness to it. In separating my Self from my mind I am at peace and my mind becomes silent....and the awareness arises I am that silence.

I recall a game I used to play as a small child. I would stare out the window from the backseat of our car and try not to move along the things that were passing by. This little game helped me to be able to quite my mind at will. Meditation has the same effect. In meditation you focus your mind on one thing and one thing alone. Remember that the goal of meditation is not to meditate but to 1) gain control over your mind and 2) to let go of mind.

It is a very simple process but not easy. Focus your mind on one thought until no other thoughts arise. Then let go of that one thought. You will find your True Self there.