You're always learning, even if you're not taking classes or engaged in formal study. We often tend to think of learning as the realm of the mind, such as learning a foreign language or how to use a new computer program. But your spiritual growth process also involves continual learning, whether you're consciously aware of it or not.

If you become aware of it, you can enhance your spiritual learning process. Pay careful attention to your intuition. Rather than deciding with your rational mind that there's something you "should" learn, listen to your authentic impulses. When you feel drawn to a topic, whether it's meditation or exploring your dreams or finding your totem animals, follow up on it. Be gentle with yourself. Your new interest may last a lifetime, or you might be complete after reading one book.

When learning about a new subject, tool, or part of your psyche, use the methods that work best for you. Taking workshops and reading books are certainly valid options. So are techniques like introspection, experimentation, and channeling. Anything can become a spiritual practice when you use it as your focus. Photography, singing, astronomy, baking, hiking – anything that brings you deep joy can be used as a tool to learn more about yourself and the universe. Your learning journey is your own, and you need answer to no one but yourself. When you realize that you're free of others' expectations, you can learn in whatever ways feel most joyful and natural.

Babies and small children learn by playing. They learn skills they'll use their entire lives, like walking, sitting, and speaking, through an organic process of imitation, and playful, determined experimentation. Let your spiritual education be as flowing and natural as possible, and you'll be surprised by how much you can accomplish. Like a young child, let your spiritual education unfold moment-by-moment, with a playful and curious attitude.

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