Every person has his own limit. Every individual needs to learn to control himself and to be within the limit. If you want to witness the bad character of someone, just start abusing his good sense. He will go beyond his limit and surely behave badly. If you know someone who is kind and gentle, refrain from playing with his goodness and his feelings. You should try to understand that only a few persons possess such kindness. I advise you to always attribute due respect to such people and never try to abuse them or arouse their anger. If you like to abuse people, I can only say that you are having many problems. You are very demanding and like to take advantage at every opportunity. You are never thankful to people who have helped you but instead, you complain and blame everyone. You also like to lose your time in talking unnecessarily about negative things.

You must never blame yourself for what you have failed to achieve but you must be thankful for what you have gained. You never show gratitude to those who have sacrificed their own time and helped you. You tend to talk with authority and violence. Try to be more cautious or else, you may rouse the anger of a person and from that moment, he will behave differently with you. You will indeed regret losing such a nice, modest person and such a priceless treasure. He will not return to you, even if you offer him something valuable. He will certainly refuse to stand by your side. As long as he was supporting you, you continuously abused him, stopped him from living his life and you even prevented him to breathe properly. My advice is that you must show your qualities. Try to be independent. And when you will need the help of someone, be prepared and ready to offer your services in return.