Love is spoken of everywhere, all the time: in conversations with friends, on bumper stickers, in the Bible, on the cover of magazines. Fear, on the other hand, is not often spoken of as such, but more and more felt by many, maybe more so by those who watch the news. So what about the spiritual teachings on love  and fear?

The love referred to in spiritual teachings isn’t a feeling, it is the deepest and most truthful experience of reality one can have when we reconnect to Source/primordial energy/God.  Fear is what keeps us from reconnecting. Fear wears many masks, the favorite one being our ego-mind entertaining the illusion that it is separate from everything else. The fear that prevents us from finding Source/love is the fear of being at One with it. Many people have peak experiences when they suddenly get in touch with a higher, more inclusive reality. The sense of self disappears to leave place for a feeling of oneness with something bigger. That’s the reality of love:  a unified field of energy. You cannot be in touch with it as long as you fear losing your self. To be in love means to be at one with life, to go with the flow, to look at each experience , however difficult it is, as an opportunity to give your whole self to life and what it has to teach you. Only surrender can bring joy: when you surrender, there is no more resistance,no more frustrations,  just the flow of life going through you in Oneness. This is love: the connection to Source.

To surrender is to decide that you are no longer the driver of your life. How scary is that? That depends on the definition of “you”. If you define yourself as the physical person experiencing life, that is indeed a very frightening thought. But if you consider yourself as a spiritual being having a human experience, then this spiritual being should be behind the wheel, right? So why not let it lead the show? The difficulty is to know if and when our spiritual self is involved in our daily lives, or if it is shut off by our minds. How can we tell our higher self is showing us something? Coincidences, repetitive outcomes in relationships, “fateful” encounters, disagreements between our heart and our mind, dreams, spiritual experiences and openings are all signs of your higher self’s presence trying to show or teach us something. To surrender to those signs is to follow them, open ourselves to their meaning and go with the flow of teaching.

Connection to Source is the highest form of service we can give ourselves and the planet. Selfless service carries many gifts, the first one being for the giver. Beyond being useful to the community, the person performing a service exemplifies oneness by reaching to another in need.  Working on our spiritual connection is never a selfish endeavor because it implies working with the energy of the world. As we go inside we uncover our true essence, which is that we are the world-Oneness- God- love.This has several consequences: the personal world perspective shifts to a more universal one of deep responsibility, relationships are infused with a new sense of equality, and separateness slowly dissipates to leave space for a more inclusive viewpoint of the world.

The spiritual world eludes many. Some see it as a fantasy, others think they’ll only know it after their death, yet it is right here, behind the veil, and can be accessed by anyone. When our physical reality falls apart, our spiritual connection is our best ally. As Carl Jung said: “The salvation of the world consists in the salvation of the individual soul”.

 Sophie Rose is the author of The Way of the Heart, Teachings of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene. She is a contributing author of The Sacred Shift, Co-Creating your Future. She is not aligned with any tradition or religion and always favored a direct experience of spirituality. You can connect with her on her blog, Facebook or Twitter.