Many things have lead me to the Path, many personal issues as many signs from the above. I have decided to leave my toxic lifestyle in the persue of a clean and meaningfull experience where I intend to find my Self, or that which is absolute. Many people have inspired this life changing challenge, such as: Siddharta Buddha, Parmahansa Yogananda and many others..

Since I don't follow a particular religion or path I will start through several spiritual practices which would include the teachings of Buddha for the control of the mind and vipassana meditation, Babajis' kriya yoga technic, the breathing technichs of the yoga masters, aswell as the singing technics of the ancient hindu mantras. I wish to include all this in my spiritual path for joyfull and satisfactory self discovery. I dont expect to found a new religion, I just want the most appropriate practices for me.

My ultimate hope is to find my own way, even though i long for a spiritual teacher, but he shall come in due time, if necessary.

Great love for you and all that is.

Om Namah Shivay