As I wrote in my introductory article: The Path to the Self-Realization, I began my spiritual quest for several reasons. I wish to be able to summarize these reasons into a small text but im a afraid its impossible. Why? Too many experiences, too many words of wisdom and too many insights, big and small but all fulfilling in their own ways. As many say that each part is as important of the whole, every experience, wisdom and insight play part of this masterful drama of life, that softly and abruptly, bring me closer to the Self. Some lessons in life are hard to swallow, and some come as natural as water flows in a river.

So if I were to describe a dream or an event that inspired me to begin the quest, it wouldnt be enough to explain the Why's... but I can easily explain the How's. And this my friends is the purpose of this article.

First I would like to say that, the ways i have aproached the path are my own interpratation of how to get where I and so many other want to get. By no means I am an athority on the subject. I'm just a beginner and I'm just starting to discover this amazing and incredible universe of spirituallity. Everytime i read something about the subject I immediatly get inspired and I want to learn more and more.

The first thing iv'e decided to Correct, is my moral views of the world. I had very much difficulty in trying to change my own mind, not let it think on its own, to try to control it instead of it controlling me. That was the first step taken. By letting certain thoughts uncorresponded, letting them desintegrate and not paying attention to them, not giving them life, I have been able to reduce and clean the kind of thoughts that before would run loose about. Now everybody has his own views of morality, so i'm not gonna list the things that I find morally correct and morally wrong. I think that every individual that wants to initiate on the path should be able to come up with it by themselves, or at least be inspired by the countless spiritual masters... I realised that one should find his own steps alone if possible..

So I became morally available in this maya world, the next logical step was to be able to control my behaviour, this starting in the mind first and manisfesting through action. Believe me, this isn't as easy as it sounds... Maya or Ego (depending on how you may see it ) will do absolutely everything in its power to keep you playing the game. I have come to think that for us spirits in human physical bodies, to be able to learn about spiritual realization, there is no better way that the maya system. Allthough it gets tough sometimes, in the worst possible ways (just turn on the news), it is mostly efficient, through karma, to teach us the lessons we need to learn to be able to get into the next step. Since nothing is real anyways, can't get angry at the boss. It is this way for a good reason, trust it.

So anyways I found out that in my own experience, the more wisdom you know, the more you are inspired and the more you apply the knowledge in your mind, the easier it gets to control the body (or lower self). And when I mean to control the body, I mean the world of the Senses. If you are able to not be tempted to commit sins of the senses, you are in the clear, because becoming transcended, realizing that you are made of spirit and not flesh is the most important step. Now I'm not at that step, but I'm pushing to it, with will, determination and inspiration I will archive my goal, i want to control the beast in me. Again, I'm not gonna list the things that makes good behaviour and bad behaviour, just listen to your intuition, to your heart...

In conclusion, what I have learned so far, to the control the thoughts that create bad behaviour, and don't let yourself be tempted by petty sense pleasures, I've heard the pleasure of bliss outwins even the most carnal of pleasures.

Great love for you and all that is.

Om Namah Shivay