I The Child


I...The child born of innocence

Brought forth by seeds of love

Not of violence or the taking

But as a gift from God above


I... The child who’s eyes can see

Eyes of parental love looking in mine

Not of lust, desire, or incest

But of blessing, and gratitude combined


I...The child who’s ears can hear

Sounds that are soft and kind

Not harsh, loud, or spiteful

But of teaching, nurturing, refined


I...The child who’s lips can speak

Coos, until words are formed

Not to be enticed with false promises

But to choose words to inform


I...The child who’s heart can feel

Giving it freely, without fear

Not to be abused or broken

But to protect and hold it dear


I...The child who’s body will grow

Developing, in a healthy way

Not to be used for gratification

But to be respected, not to display


I...The child am a gift to you

To be a part of all mankind

Respect me, nurture me, and love me

Like the brightest star....I will shine


I The Child

Written by Margaret High