We are all spiritual beings travelling a human journey with the common goal of soul advancement.” ~ Eva Rose

Are you living a soulful life? Until recently, I don’t believe I could have truthfully answered yes to this question. Don’t misunderstand; I had a wonderful life filled with countless blessings. But there have also been times while travelling this human journey when I felt far more committed to the human tasks of advancing my career and my bank account than nurturing the tasks of my soul. Let me share a brief personal example to make this point.

Just over a year ago I came to a crossroads. I decided I didn’t want to be a psychotherapist anymore. I had built a successful clinical practice seeing clients who were asking for guidance on their path. I was also about to complete a lifelong goal of achieving my doctoral degree. I should have been nothing but satisfied. So why couldn’t I shake a nagging sense of discontentment? I was beginning to conclude that I had built a life that may have been broad and lofty, but was lacking one thing: depth.

So, I took a risk and announced to the Universe that I was ready to change directions professionally. Now, you know the saying, “When you want to make God laugh, share your plans.” My prayer was soon answered beginning with an unexpected phone call that did indeed change the direction of my professional and personal life permanently. For the next six months, I was molded and transformed from the inside out by way of a spontaneous and profound spiritual experience. There have been many times since then, that I have felt disoriented and fearful. But even when I can’t quite catch my breath or regain my bearings, I continue forward.

My soul is now leading the way on this new life path, and I am thankful that the journey looks nothing like I had planned. I took the risk and allowed myself to be carried into a much greater and deeper purpose for my life. I also realized that even the deepest transformation cannot last unless it is integrated and practiced. In order to truly experience the richness and depth life has to offer we must challenge ourselves again and again. Here are three key steps to magnify and accelerate your soul’s evolution.

Step 1: Announce to the Universe in your own meaningful way that you are ready to lead a soul-filled life. Most of us spend so much time on the tasks that develop our human ego that we forget to evolve the soul-being that is with us for all time.

Step 2: Get ready to journey into the sacred. Let go of expectations of how and where the path of your soul may lead. If uncertainty arises, be gentle with yourself and remember that you are being divinely guided.

Step 3: Once you are on the path of soul advancement, continue having a conscious relationship with your soul. When we feed the external life of the ego we are pointing our compass outside of ourselves. Remind yourself each day that you are so much more than your external circumstances. Spend time daily feeding your soul with activities and experiences that points your compass inward.

Your messenger, Eva Rose

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Eva Rose is a published author, spiritual medium and speaker. She also writes articles and a daily blog to offer wisdom on how to take specific spiritual steps towards embracing a soulful life.

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