Most people are condemned to regret their numerous failures in life. When you are in Spirituality, you must not hesitate to say that you appreciate and enjoy life in a positive way. Every opportunity to enjoy life must be seized and you should live with joy and enthusiasm.

You need not keep on mourning over your past defeats. Never say that you have not seized the opportunity to do things properly or you have failed in life. Whenever you get the chance to do good things, you lose your time in gossiping, arguing, digging into the past, contributing in futile conversations, speaking maliciously or creating doubts.  You grab every single chance to refute, and outdo things in zeal. It has been your choice to lead such a selfish life. You have always used abusive languages and cursed everyone.

 At times, you do get the chance to appreciate life but you ironically turn away from it, under the pretext of lacking time. You generally ignore people who are ill and when the news of their deteriorating health comes to you, qualms haunt you.

 You chose everything, except the path that you know you must tread on so as to live happily, peacefully and in harmony. Hence you indulge yourself in turmoil. It is by choice that you get depressed. You tend to rebuke the true spiritual values of life. You make yourself a victim of torture and get irritated. You cause sufferings to innocent people, who want to live happily.

 As you are reading this text, you should try to understand your true values and the importance of a good health. You should understand your neighbors and those who depend on you.

Being experienced, you must know the taste of a defeat. Hence, live all moments positively and plan for the future. Getting worried unnecessarily is not a solution. Learn to plan your routine. With a proper planning, your task will definitely become easy and you will be assured of not getting further problems.

 Always think before you act. Use your brain to distinguish between the right and the wrong. Only then will you be successful in making the right choice.
 Never keep on postponing a task. Do it immediately. Never wait for tomorrow or else, you may regret for not having done it at the right time. If you have to visit a sick person, do not wait for tomorrow or it may be too late.