“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~Edith Wharton

We only need to turn on any news channel on cable television to be reminded that darkness has stolen the spotlight. While eating my cheerios for breakfast every day, I would wash them down with hefty doses of gloom and doom. Then one morning last year with the remote in my hand I pressed pause and asked myself, “Is this really how I want to start my day?” I may not be able to transform the headlines on network news channels, but I can control my immediate environment. With that, I declared that darkness will no longer be invited to take up residence inside my home. I immediately had my cable shut off and removed all the things in my immediate environment that were dimming the light of my spirit. The rewards for this transformation have been $1,200 savings on my cable bill, freedom from morning indigestion, and more time and energy to share my light with others.

This is not to say that we should completely ignore the shadows. We would not know what light is without darkness as a comparison. Yet, my point here is that overall, the world we live in now is familiar with the dark and many shadows are housed in her hallways. The problems facing us now are not born from the issue of too much light; it is that we are stumbling too often in the darkness. Joseph Campbell reminds us that “at the darkest moment comes the light.” So, let us turn our collective face towards the sun for a while and allow the shadows to fall behind us. It may serve to warm the soul of humanity. Here are three key steps to spreading your own light:

Step 1: Lighten up your home environment. Look around you. Are there magazines, books, movies, music, television channels, or mind numbing chemicals that drag you down into the dark? Are they serving a higher purpose for your spiritual well-being or are they just reinforcing the already overpopulated realm of negativity? Decide what you want the vibration of your home to be filled with and transform what doesn’t match that vibration.

Step 2: To infuse more light into your spirit go directly to the Source of all light. Thank Source in advance for illuminating your soul on this human path so that you may walk in grace. While you walk your path, be mindful of the messages you are giving to yourself in your mind as well as the words that flow from your lips. Begin to practice a more upbeat attitude and spend more time with positive light-filled people. Like water, I believe light finds its own level.

Step 3: And in return your illuminated path will shine bright enough to light the path of a thousand more who are stumbling in the dark. In my own life I have witnessed that the energy of light is an epidemic, contagious to all who breathe it in. Now that’s something worth spreading around!

Your messenger, Eva Rose

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Eva Rose is a published author, spiritual medium and speaker. She also writes articles and a daily blog to offer wisdom on how to take specific spiritual steps towards embracing a soulful life.

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