"If you really live
deeply in spiritual practice
then this moment is intense.

Moment to moment,
life is shaking you
out of what you know;
shaking you out of everything
that is comfortable.

So much so that
all you can do is surrender
to this moment.

All you can do
is allow everything
to be as it is
and fall deeply
into impersonal being.

It is in this that
deep transformation happens.

It is in this that
you really realize
that you exist beyond everything.

That you are the personal yet
you are completely beyond the personal.

The intensity of the Shakti
pushes you beyond yourself
and you learn to remain
surrendered in this intensity
with great silence,
great humility
as consciousness itself.

So do not be afraid
to let yourself
be in such intensity.

It may be challenging,
but if you run away
from that challenge
back into everything you know
and what is comfortable,
you will miss it.

Because it is in this intensity
that you feel the most alive.

There is some part of you
that recognizes
that this is the doorway
to your freedom.



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