What all Mystics throughout history have known to be true is that all things are possible to God. Miracles are not really “miracles” they are things that happen unexpectedly.  I have witnessed many miracles in my life and in the life of others. What stands out to me is the belief that all things are possible to God.

From healings to money to finding the love of your life….all things are possible. There is no time frame, nor cause, other than the belief working to manifest whatever it is in our life that we desire to experience.

The only time we limit the possibilities are those times we set our self by believing that it is not possible. But why would it not be a possibility? Let’s say you are ill and the doctor says you need an operation, but when you go to the doctor to get your final examination before the operation ever took place and the problem is gone….can’t happen? It happened to me.  I had a cyst and the day of my operation it was gone. You should have seen the look on the Doctor’s face. There is not just one possible way to remove an illness…there are thousands.

You think the only way money is going to come to you is through working? What if you could get money in the mail, win the lottery or money just appears out of the blue? It happened to me. I got an extra $100 from the bank but did not notice it until I was at home. I went back to the bank but they said they were not missing any money and refused to take it back. There is not just one way to receive money….there are thousands.

In order to experience a “miracle” you have to be in a mind set of all possibilities. Don’t let your mind lock you into a possibility that does not serve you. …if such a thought enters your mind say to yourself …yes, that is one possibility….smile and go about your ways knowing that you are the witness to God’s creation of perfection. By not locking your mind into a possibility one is open to receive even the unimaginable.

Miracles not only lift us up but are proof of the existence of God. Miracles help us build our faith and are demonstrations of God’s love working in our life.

You have a choice to create your life which you are already doing (consciously or not) or to become a witness to God’s creation….perfection. God sees a bigger picture and knows what you desire before you ask and God also knows what is best for everyone involved.

Lift your eyes, clear your mind and open your heart to receive the unexpected.