"The mind
is a non-stop chatterbox.

Always talking talking talking.
Commenting, judging, defining,
describing, knowing.

It is very important
to become aware of
the constant noise of the mind.

If you are involved with it,
then you cannot be aware of it.

If you are the one that knows,
that defines, that describes, that judges,
then you cannot be aware of it.

There has to be the willingness
to either step out
of that identification with thinking
so that you can witness it

or to direct the thought
process through a technique
like repeating a mantra,
self inquiry,
watching the breath,
anything that focuses your attention
so that it is not
a slave to the thinking process.

And once there is a build-up
of focused attention
or ability to witness thinking,
then silence begins to make itself known.

Perhaps it makes itself known
through Shakti, the subtle energy
that is felt as bliss
or perhaps it makes itself known
through the experience
of impersonal being
or perhaps in another way.

But if you give your attention to it
in meditation,
if you allow it,
at some point,
the silence begins to take over.

The silence begins
to consume all of the noise.
It consumes all of the limited ideas
of who you are and what you know,
until there is nothing left
for you to hold on to.

And in that you learn to surrender
into the silence
so that there is only silence,
the nature of which
is unconditional peace.



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