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Happiness is found within
Kat Baniwas
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By Kat Baniwas
Published on 02/14/2012
Happiness is something you create within yourself, inside of you, which once it's felt will then create situations and attract other happy people.

Be Happy
Some days we are definitely allowed to wallow in our sad and less than super happy mood, and that’s completely okay but we also have to take the responsibility to be aware of our moods, recognize it and then stay in it for maybe an hour, a day, whatever but not stay stuck in that feeling.  Most of us, as humans (and it’s normal), tend to imagine ourselves happier tomorrow, happier when we get that next job, happy when we find that next relationship but in reality it’s nothing outside of ourselves that will ever change that feeling inside of us because happiness is already found “within” us and it’s our job to be present to the now and be happy for exactly that.  Haven’t you noticed that when you think about the past or the future you begin to feel anxiety or anxiousness? It’s because you’re judging the current place that you are in NOW to what has already happened or what you’re anticipating to happen.  Take control of your life now!  Enjoy the moment now!  Find the feeling inside you that brings up happiness, thankfulness and joy and you will not only feel better, your day will get better and the joyful, happy energy you give off will attract other happy people, happy situations, and you will improve and raise the vibration of everything around.  And the best part of that is, YOU did it, nothing externally changed your reality, it was all up to YOU!