In our prayers, we always ask the God to fulfill our various wishes, which are related to the worldly desires. This is so because we think that the worldly desires will give us happiness and peace. The desires arise in our mind, which is influenced by our beliefs and values. If one desire is fulfilled, another crops up in the mind and we become busy in fulfilling it. So there is an unending stream of desires. In order to achieve them, we are running a mad race that never ends.

The actions to achieve the desires arising out of our mind have unsatisfying outcomes. Before our old actions are not over, we undertake new ones to fulfill new desires. We get trapped in the confusing maze of our deeds, which ultimately only brings misery and unhappiness.

We should not place our worldly desires in front of the Almighty and pray for their fulfillment. Instead, we must place absolute trust in Him and leave everything up to Him. We should develop an attitude of total dependence on Him and accept whatever comes out of our deeds as His grace. Thus, we will be able to achieve absolute surrender to His wish. The absolute surrender means that whatever He will give us, we will accept it as His grace with total faith.

He can be likened to an artist, who is doing beautiful embroidery on a piece of cloth fitted in a round wooden hoop. If viewed on undersurface, the embroidery appears as a jumble of threads but if viewed from above, it appears a beautiful design. The Almighty creates beautiful designs for all of us. We don’t realize it because we see its undersurface.

He is the creator of the world. He is absolute truth. He knows the needs and requirements of each and everyone of us. Once we hand over the management of our needs and requirements, He will see to it that they are fulfilled. With our absolute trust in Him, He will not let any harm incur to us in any way. By absolute surrender of the outcome of our deeds to His will, we achieve peace and happiness.

In the Mahabharata in the battle of Kurukshetra, Sri Krishna drove the chariot of Arjuna who had absolute trust in Him. With the guidance of Krishna, Arjuna was able to vanquish his foes in the battle.

Let us let Him become the charioteer of the chariot of our life. With Him at the helm, we should keep on doing our deeds and leave their outcomes to Him. He knows what is good or bad for us. He will even guide us through our difficult and trying circumstances.