The essence of life is change
And having the ability
To flow through the changes
Life is never constant
But it is in a constant change of flux

Changes spurt growth
Changes encourage learning
Changes command thinking
And it is through thought
That you are transformed
To higher levels of learning

The path of life
Is never a smooth one
There will be detours on the road
Some detours will appear good
And beyond your most wonderful dreams

Other detours will appear bad
But, all detours are stepping-stones
On the road of life
To learning the lessons
That were inscribed for you

Each day is a gift
To embrace and welcome
Some days there will be good gifts
That bring joy, happiness and peace

Other days will bring “bad” gifts
That bring hardship, pain and suffering
But within each gift
There are lessons to be learned

And it is through these lessons
Which are at times difficult to bear
That the greatest transformation will take place
Think back on your life
And how the hard times
Propelled you to higher levels
And brought you to new ground

To a new way of thinking
To an altered state of perception
To live life fully
Entails encompassing the good and the bad
Experiencing the full spectrum of emotions
If life had only good experiences

There would be too much living in the Comfort Zone
Too much complacency and expectation
The apparent negative experiences
Enable life to have meaning
And this balancing of good and bad
Enhances your appreciation
And understanding of life