A purpose-based life is one where you bring forth your inner guidance to lead the way in creating your life. Your spiritual vigor and joyful intentions are meshed with your everyday experiences. The people, events, and circumstances of your life are a reflection of your beauty, wonder, joy, and love. The following seven principles are signposts along your life's journey. They are there to remind you of the joy of creating life the way you most want to live it.

Love. The basis of all of existence is love. Your inner self loves you unconditionally, all the time. Tapping into that love and remembering the feelings of love fills every moment with a sublime peace. When you listen to your heart, love becomes your default way of seeing the world.

Intuition. The guidance within you always offers insights that lead you to feeling better and better about yourself. When you heed your calling and focus on what feels the best in each moment, your life unfolds miraculously into more love and peace. Bursts of new insight will appear, especially when you need them most.

Introspection. Through meditation and introspection, you can find who you really are and become more than you ever thought possible. Quiet your mind. Allow your spirit to offer wisdom, especially in challenging situations. By seeking answers within, your world will shift to allow more love and freedom into your life.

Intention. By knowing what you want, you can set an intention as a beacon to rally around. Whenever you have doubts, you can refocus on your intentions and allow frustration and resistance to fall away. Crafting solid, unequivocal intentions induces swift momentum towards your most cherished dreams.

Trust. By allowing the universe, and all the beings and circumstances in it, to be exactly what it is in every moment, you let go of the requirements and restrictions you have placed on fulfilling your goals. Trust in yourself and your spiritual guidance, and the world will respond in kind with what you need right when you need it. Everything is exactly as it should be.

Cooperation. When you release your grip on what you cannot control and allow what you most want, you are cooperating with the love of the universe. You are an integral part of life. By working with rather than churning against the energy of your spirit, you become the intentional creator of your life.

Practice. Whatever you have learned in your life so far, you are where you are. If some beliefs or habits return that you no longer want, remember to practice introspection, listen to your intuition, feel the love all around you, cooperate with your spiritual guidance, trust yourself, and create joyful intentions. You can return to this practice time after time. As you continue your journey, practicing your personal spirituality will lead you to the life of your dreams.

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