Can LOVE heal EVERYTHING?? There is ONLY love! Everything else we experience as beings occurs as either love unfolding naturally into a life of complete fulfillment and joy, or love being blocked, which creates everything we don't like. Love NEVER hurts. Only the lack of it hurts. God is love, therefore, so are we. Anything other than that is unnatural and painful. All we have to do, then is remove the blockages that are getting in the way of our naturalness, and then what we are-love-will heal EVERYTHING!

Can you heal others with love? The only reason someone else needs to be healed, as I said, is from the lack of love. EVERYTHING THAT IS NEGATIVE IN THE WORLD IS FROM LACK OF LOVE. Therefore, sending the hurt person love can only serve to help heal him or her. Osama Bin Laden was # 50 in siblings. Do you think he ever knew what love was? Both his mother and father sexually abused Hitler. Do you think he had the chance to feel the warmth and security of love? Had either of these beings experienced any love in ANY of their lifetimes, they would have never felt the need to conquer or kill anyone.

I know this is a difficult concept to grasp, but hear me out. No one is evil. Evil is a result. The story of Lucifer falling from heaven and becoming the devil is a metaphysical story to explain that, not a historical story. God=Love, Devil=Lack of Love. Therefore, the story means if you lose your connection with love for what ever reason, then all you can live by is your negative and pains. In that way, you live backwards. Live backwards=e-v-i-l! And lifetime after lifetime without love is having lived backwards. And when you have done nothing buy lived backwards=D-e-v-i-l. So, YES, love heals ABSOLUTELY, 100%, WITHOUT ANY QUESTIONS, OR DOUBT, EVERYTHING!

Having been a licensed psychotherapist, I have experienced complete changes in the most pathological as soon as they learn to love themselves, and they begin to receive love from others. The only thing that heals broken children is total UNCONDITIONAL love. The only thing that even touches a sociopath is unconditional love.

Now understand, we are an accumulation of many lifetimes. So, damage from a lack of love can be ingrained so deeply. However, we as individuals can break the pattern and eventually help to fulfill what has been so deprived in so many-love. I never said it could heal everything in just ONE lifetime. However, we have to start in the lifetime we are in because the concept of Critical Mass states, a little positive can overcome a great deal of negative. So even a little love can overcome a whole lot! It’s the only way to heal the world.