Spiritual management seems a new concept though its roots can be traced from the time of start of the humanity. However, in the new world where management in its broader and clearer image has evolved so much that the term spiritual management gains a special meaning. People who follow the principles of spiritual management feel that they are something special, and that they have some special benefits of it—spiritual management can create special culture, special work-ethics, special interest of employees in their work, and of course the special care taken both by the employers and God.

Spiritual management basically consists of dealing with the employees and the labor on the grounds of humanity, rather than the traditional approach of senior and junior. Though that relationship has to be maintained, but at the same time, the human factor should not be ignored, which often is the case.This traditional approach often creates chaos and unrest in the companies, and people often find themselves grinded in the congested atmosphere.They certainly need some fresh air, and spiritual management offers them much relief.

Like almost all types of management practices and theories, spiritual management is also gaining momentum, and more and more companies are realizing the benefits. Even bigger companies and production houses have resorted to the spiritual management. Companies that incorporate spiritual management to their concepts indulge in a variety of activities:

  • They become more caring to the needs of the employees which may include their family problems.

  • Many companies start their work by offering prayers and asking God for grace on each individual employee and on the company as a whole.

  • They tend to bring spiritual ethics and code of conduct in their work-culture. This often involves reading from spiritual texts in meetings and maintaining that the directives of those highly authoritative texts can be implemented in the present scenario.

  • Instead of buzzing parties and enjoying swagger in terms of pomp-shows, companies turn to some social activities that are oriented to provide social service, valuable information to people, and helping the social sector.

Benefits of spiritual management
Sometimes people tend to question the benefits and effectiveness of spiritual management and its value in terms of business. Well many companies have reported that they are able to create more favorable work environment through spiritual management. Employees and employers share a closer relationship and there are lesser chances of strikes, etc. The quality of work, no wonder, has improved and so the concernedness of the employees towards the common goals of the company.

Though some companies still shy away from stating openly about the spiritual management approach, many companies are coming forward to make an emphatic statement.Spiritual management does work and it fits perfectly in the new definition of management! Spiritual management appears a new entrant in the field of business and management, placing everyone as a human first and then an employee!