On the stone bank by the fountain sits or floats little bit above, invisible light-being, like an angel, watching people that pass by. His gaze settles on the woman sitting on the bank across him, on the other side of the fountain. Woman breaths deeply in and close her eyes in a need for the rest. Soon she opens her eyes looking around. Promenade of countless people of different races, different profiles – none of them attracting special attention of the woman on the bank - which attracted attention of the angel being. Her eyes move to the water that spreads in the air. And in the fragment of the second, between two drops, angel catches her eyes and her thoughts and feelings.

What a world? What a theatre….What is the sense of it all? All I see, I feel, think, do? I am tired. But, who am I? Who- am- I? Maybe unusual thoughts for a young woman, but the being that observes her knows that the form that people can see is just a tip of the ice berg; Just a shadow of the light core common to all people - and angels. His gaze can seize a bit more. In the background begins strong resounding of the bells and the woman’s gaze is attracted by the festive couple, bride and the bridegroom, making photo by the fountain. She looks at them and as if breeze carried to her the feeling of the primordial longing between two beings of opposite sexes.

What a mystery – connection of two beings. Or it is just a linking of two characters in a play, two shadows? Is it possible a real meeting; a deeper connection? How deeper? Connection of light with light? But then, there are not really two, just one – without form and name? And her attention is again drown to the inside, back to the same question – who am I? She sighs. Why do I feel differently? Part of me is always just observing and in some strange way I feel at the same time belonging and not belonging to all of this. The bells are still ringing in the background. It seems to her - for an unusually long time.

Who am I? And it seems that this very questioning makes her sees more clearly; like something spreads from inside out, erasing the boundaries in its way. Something like light; And woman notices how fatigue leaves her mind and body. Maybe it is because of this special place, birth place of Ode to joy? Or it is special time, sunset at the beginning of autumn? Or it is nearness of something out of time and space, universal and ubiquitous? Who am I?

She turns her head on the right and her gaze meets again with the gaze of the angel, now very close beside her. And like a fountain in front of her, inside, from the heart bursts inner joy in a smile, rising to the lips and eyes, getting out, binding in that timeless moment light with light, inner with outer, visible and invisible, heaven and earth, for eternity. -------- Bell’s resounding in the background stops and woman looks at the watch – as if it the placement of pointers is of significance – and stands up. Like nothing changed, like nothing important happened. Just like this deceptive place, hiding a secret that everything is new, although looks as being old. And while she is going with light steps down the stairs, watching to the setting sun, she is followed by the gaze of the invisible light-being, like an angel. By the gaze that sees and knows the secret - secret of real meeting, true joy and deepest connection.