You've been doing your chosen spiritual practice for a while now, and it's starting to get routine…maybe even a bit tedious. What should you do? Quit? Start over with a completely new daily practice? Here are some ideas for reinvigorating your daily spiritual practice when it gets stale.

  • Change times. If you normally practice first thing in the morning, instead try doing it as part of your bedtime routine. Taking part of your lunch break for spiritual practice can help you re-center yourself in the midst of your day.
  • Change the scenery. If you don't have one already, find or create a special spot in your home where you can practice. Put aside a corner of your living room or bedroom where you can create a small shrine or altar. Go outside to do your practice, when weather permits.
  • Find a buddy. If your practice is feeling lackluster, find a friend or loved one who will join you. Chant together, do yoga poses, or enjoy silent meditative walks. The camaraderie will add to the experience, and working with a partner may inspire you to practice more often, too.
  • Switch things up a bit. If you do seated meditation, try a new technique like a mindfulness practice or walking meditation. If you practice prayer, try a mantra. Try adding a gratitude practice to your routine, or incorporating some journal writing.
  • Take a break. If you're still not feeling inspired, take a break for a few days. Notice if you miss your practice, or if there are changes in your moods and attitudes. When you return to it, you won't be as likely to take it for granted. Or if you don't miss it at all, maybe it's time to pick a new practice.
  • Be playful. Spirituality doesn't have to be serious. Have fun with your practice. Make it an enjoyable part of your day where you can relax and be yourself. If you have a regular yoga practice, perhaps try laughter yoga to add more joy to your poses.
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