It is easy to sit and meditate. The most difficult part is to practice bearing I injury, learning to adapt, adjust and accommodate. These are teachings of the great saint and sage of the Himalayas, Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj. You can do your prayer, meditation, spiritual practice by yourself. But what about your attitude when you deal with people, when you work with them day in and day out? That is where you have to prove that you have achieved something in your spiritual practices.

If a person practices adapting, adjusting and accommodating, he would never point a finger at others and blame them. Even if another person is at fault, if you know how to adapt, adjust and accommodate you are rise above those situations. Still, the most difficult thing is to bear insult and injury. That needs a tremendous capacity to keep the mind under your thumb.

Do your daily work, deal with everyone, move with everybody. Be in ocean, but learn to surf well.