“You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might also pray in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.” ~Khalil Gibran


If you only knew the endless source of abundance, you would never fear again of having not enough. To begin, there is no such thing as not enough. It is an impossibility in this universe. The universal mind does not have a place to house that thought. Enough and plenty are available to all. The only question when speaking on abundance is who shall choose to tap the Source? Who shall tap the source of the flow of abundance and allow it to come forth into their lives like rivers flowing from waterfalls? The waterfall believes in the water, therefore creating an endless flow. In fact, it never sees itself as separate from the source of the flow at all.

The heavens also want you to be in abundance, for abundance is the way and the path to your heavenly duties on Earth. Tap into the Source and your path will be lit clearly for you at once. Not later today, not tomorrow, not some time in the distance of your future. At once!

All of you must believe in your divine power to create an abundant life. Abundance is there for you, just as much as it is for your neighbors. We do not say you may have some but another gets more. It is your choice and always up to you. It is not for us to decide. Free choice and free will demands that. It is true for all things including the nature and law of abundant living. Your life is meant to be rich and full of fruit, unless you chose for it not to be.

In human form you block the flow first with your belief about yourselves and who you are, where you came from, how much you are worth, and what you deserve. These beliefs are small in many of you, meaning you believe that you are small. This is untrue, and pretending to be small will not serve you. Insignificance is one of the most disrespectful beliefs you have about yourselves. It is not who you are.

The next human block to abundance is in your mind. Some of your thoughts may be “I don’t deserve this, I can’t make this happen. Who am I to take so much? If I had all of what I need what would I do with it? The responsibility is too large. I will be better to just stay with what I have now, it’s what I know.” One’s relationship to abundance is in direct synchronicity with their relationship to themselves. If they attract little, they think little of themselves. Some of you call this humility, or being humble. Thoughts of deprivation are not humble. Deprived thoughts are not natural and were never your soul’s intention.

Deprivation is different from a life of simplicity. Simplicity is good, it allows for focus and clarity in your heart and mind. Clutter can at times block the flow from an environmental sense. But abundance with right purpose and intent is always good. True abundance knows there is plenty for all, for me and for others, and sharing this abundance is good.

Share the abundance and allow it to flow from your heart with others. But only share your abundance when you have truly disengaged the ego from expectation of its return to you. Give and let go. Truly let go. And another point on this: remain humble about your gift and your generosity. When ego is involved in the gift giving it is not a gift. If your intention is not pure it will often cause a disconnection between yourself and the receiver, because it was done from ego, not from an abundant heart.

It is easy to begin your relationship with abundant living. Spend time visualizing the river of abundance flowing through your “Crown” and into your heart with pureness of intention. Then plan for abundance to flow on your life path. See it here in your life now, already occurring and feel the joy in your heart as you say yes to abundance. Also see this abundance being shared with all others. See yourself surrounded by abundance as the river flows through the doorways of your homes and flows into the lives of all that reside there. And as you are fully bathed in the river of abundance now, see your feet firmly planted and walking on purpose while you are doing the deeds you came here to do. ~ Magdalene.


What are my current beliefs about my power to create abundance in my life? Am I ready to release limiting thoughts that block abundance from flowing into my life?


Take some time and sit quietly to visualize the river of abundance flowing into your life. Then thank the Universe for the abundance materializing in your life and the lives of all beings.


I am saying yes to the flow of abundance.

The message within is the received wisdom of Mary Magdalene. I share it with you in this forum so that her words may continue to enrich the soul of humanity.

Your Messenger, Eva Rose.

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