One day while fighting with my husband I noticed a “me” inside of me. I know it sounds strange but this other “me” was observing me fighting. As I put my attention on this other “me” I noticed that it was completely at peace. It was watching lovingly that which was going on but completely detached. As I looked around I saw that this “me” was within all living things yet in nothing particular…it was life itself.

I understood that we are nothing we can perceive as we are simply that which perceives, we are the witness to the body, to the mind and to what is happening in this world. I realized that nothing was my true me…I was simply the witness to everything.

You too are not anything your mind can perceive. Everything your mind perceives is an illusion and it is subject to change. The real Self is beyond mind and never changes. To go beyond mind you have to separate your real Self from who you think you are. If you can see your are not the body. You can not see the body and be the body. Who is seeing the body? If you can stop your mind from thinking or change your mind or observe a thought...... you are not your mind. In order to “pop out” you must experience my words, not just read them. Observe your thought. Not what you are thinking but that you are thinking. Grab a hold of one thought and look at it…and realize: That is a thought….it is not good or bad, but simply a thought.

We as humans have mistakenly believed we are the body and mind but we are that which observes the body and mind.  In other words you are not a person,  a Mother, a Doctor….you are the “I am” before you became anything in particular.

All you know is you exist. That is all you truly know in the absence of all knowledge, concepts, beliefs and thought….therefore you can say “I am”. You don’t know what you are but you know that you are...this is the real Self. It is knowing the Self in the absence of knowledge as all knowledge is of the mind.  

The real Self is reflected in all living things. It is not the form it reflects but that which gives life to form and makes it possible to live and breath and experience. The real Self is one with Life and it is Life and that is who you truly are.