Don’t forget the responsibility that you have to assume for your family. When you are doing bad actions or indulging in temptation which gives you temporary pleasures, you may think that you are opening the door to hell just for yourself but as a parent your whole family will fall with you and will suffer. When you pay your Karma, your whole family will suffer. If you become very ill or bed-ridden, your family will be in distress. If you go to jail, your family will lose its credibility in society. You are the one to raise the honor of your family or to bring it down.

In his Teachings, Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen, a Spiritual Master living in Mauritius, lays stress on the way we need to live. According to him, we need to follow the Law of Nature and live a positive life. We need to be positive in thoughts, words, and deeds. Only then will we be able to create good Karmas. and ensure that in our next life we are born humans again and keep climbing the ladder of life. Depending on our spiritual level and the effort we put in, we may not come back on this earth and go directly to the "Inner World" or "The Cosmic World" as it is also called.