The sages and masters of different faiths and religions all have good intentions. They all want to take their disciples to the ocean of knowledge. But most of them rely on the ancient sacred books. But these teachings are all subject to interpretations. Moreover these books are fixed and final. No one can remove or add any texts to them. As you move down the times these teachings remain the same, as if frozen.

The teachings of Yogi Tamby Chuckravanen, on the other hand, are obtained directly from the Cosmic world, the place where God or the supreme energy resides. They are therefore not taken from any books or any manuscript. These teachings, obtained during meditation, are unique and do not exist anywhere else. The spiritual master is readily accessible and gives immediate answer to any queries from his disciples. He is the true representative of Nature on this earth. His mission is to protect all species on this earth. There is logic in all his teachings.

According to the spiritual master, spirituality is the manual of life and is the law of nature. There are many subjects to learn in it in order to live well. People must know their subjects well. You must know what is good and what is not good for you. They must look for those things that are not good for them and destroy these. People do wrong things because they lack teachings. This is what makes them become lowly characters. Makes them enjoy temptation, awaken feelings of sensation, awaken their emotions and their attachment. Because of lack of teachings they are not well prepared and not well informed. They tend to listen to the words of others, do what others are doing, read what others have written and put all these in practice. And at the same time, they take advantage of the pleasures in front of them and blindly follow the advertisements which will deceive them. It is because of all these that they cannot follow the manual of life.

According to the spiritual master, we have come to this earth to pay our Karma because of bad actions we have done in our past life. However we don’t suffer all the time. We also live our life and enjoy with our five senses: taste, smell, feel, visual and touch. But we also have five negative senses which make us do wrong actions thus creating bad karmas which we will have to pay again. These are temptations, emotions, ambitions, sensations and attachment. The Spiritual Master tells us in his teachings that we cannot escape paying our karma, but the spiritual master can help us surmount these problems by holding our hands. The master also teaches us how to kill the animal in us so that we don’t create new karmas. His teachings also show us how to get peace of mind and a taste for life, so that we can do better still and climb the ladder of life.