We can all be on this new truth of discovery, but only after it has been tried and discovered by those with inner spiritual intuition. I am sure there have been a few already on this path, but I surely shall be earnest in my pursuit of this discovery. Thanks be to God.

Every new truth, by which the order of human life is changed and humanity is advanced, is at first accepted by a small number of men who understand it through inner spiritual intuition. The conditions of the new order of life cannot be known by us because we have to create them by our own labor.

That is all that life is, to learn the unknown, and to adapt our actions to this new knowledge. This is the life of each individual man, and that is the life of human society and of humanity I have a calling to help and serve humanity in many different venues. But before I can do this it is necessary for me to know more about the unknown and unseen. I am in the earnest pursuit of this new order.

I am writting a book "Living For The Changes" in which I hope to desclose my truth in lthis new order. May your Blessings Be!!! NAMASTE!!NAMASTE!!