"There is so much time spent
trying to get somewhere
trying to attain something,
that we deny any attention
to what is real.
And what is real
is here and now.
Life is happening
only in this very moment.
What you seek outside of this moment,
the memories and future anticipations
are not alive, they have no reality.
So the message
is not even
to be present,
because that in itself
implies there is a you
outside of this moment
that must force itself
into this moment.
the message is
to simply be aware
of what is here in this moment,
without trying to change it,
define it or even understand it.
Just to notice what is here
what is happening
right here and now.
In this moment,
life is happening,
existence is happening.
You see there is no separation
between the existence of you
and the existence of the whole.
They are one and the same.
Simply by noticing
what is happening within you,
you experience totality.

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