~The Alchemy Of The Quantum Flame Oneness Relationship~
I look not for the quantum twin of my flame , but trust that our paths will cross on the physical plain coming below from above in our multidimensional connection of oneness one divine day. As the Quantum flame your being connects with first your own being. You are first your own Quantum flame, then once united in sacred union within in unconditional love of scared heart and integrated your being you are then ready to cross paths with the Quantum flame of your dna blueprint. I will take you through the alchemy of quantum flame oneness from thy own understanding .

The quantum flame reunion is that of the dna blueprint written at the time of creation when then they separated to take on life experience and come down to earth at different times. But the dna blueprint of their being is the same as your own being. You may have experienced seeing golden white threads or cords of light on different levels of cosmic awareness ,this is your quantum flame connection, you may not be together on the third dimensional level physically, but you have never truly been apart and are eternally connected in different dimensions beyond the realm of duality.

The quantum flame relationship can last on a spiritual level for many incarnations before manifesting as you do within your own being on the physical level. One essence divided itself into two exact same intonations in order to experience physical form. As the third dimensional experience unfolded they grew further separate by a dualistic system which pulled them into an unbalanced equilibrium. The color of the unions a hue of blue. The color of the life force joined as one .We at our hearts and souls long for this connection back. But you cannot seek it out. It begins with you, your own being and reprogramming and letting go of what is not true and original in your own being first before this can ever happen. It is first having the ultimate relationship you can have in your being .realizing you are first your own quantum flame. Uniting within your own alpha and omega. This is when you rise to a place of union within uniting masculine and feminine energies, have cleansed your ego with the I AM presence, and encorporate this wisdom balancing the ego, awakening your heart energy and unconditional love, healing your shadow self, and ascending to love all your being unconditionally and without rejection of any aspect of your being.

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