“What we pay attention to, we become.” ~ Eva Rose

I have recently noticed just how many distractions I have filled my daily life with. Everything from the telephone, the to do list, the job, the family, the clutter, the social engagements, the media, the email….I could go on and on. I am like a buzzing bee zipping aimlessly from one distraction to the next, and wondering at the end of my day, why I feel drained, unfulfilled and more than slightly irritable. Is this my purpose for being?  Where is my focus? I think I left it somewhere back in 1992. 

So after two decades of chasing my own tail I had finally gotten to the point where I couldn’t fathom spending one more day the way I had scheduled my life. So I sat myself down this morning to be still and quiet before the distractions began their usual pileup on the freeway of my day.  In meditation I realized that I have had it backwards all along. I have been trying to fit meditation into my life, when I should be revolving my life around my meditation. If I spend my time in stillness, silence and solitude first, then the rest of my life may actually come into focus.

Perhaps that is how the great spiritual masters became so great. Regardless of their ideology, they all seemed to have several things in common. First, they kept it simple. Their lives were not filled with distracting clutter that we seem to accumulate today. Next, they spent a lot of quiet alone time in meditation. Finally, they maintained constant focus on serving their soul’s reason for being and spent their time on purpose.

Now, I am not saying I will be achieving spiritual mastery anytime soon. But perhaps I can begin to incorporate some of the key ingredients these masters embodied so naturally. Here are three steps I will be following to begin the journey.

Step 1: Simplify. Release as much unnecessary clutter from your life as possible.

Step 2:  Meditate. Before the distractions of the day, sit quietly alone and listen.

Step 3: Focus. Decide how you want to spend your time here and stay on your purpose.

Your messenger, Eva Rose

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Eva Rose is a published author, spiritual medium and speaker. She also writes articles and a daily blog to offer wisdom on how to take specific spiritual steps towards embracing a soulful life. 


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