About ten years back, I happened to meet a subordinate at my new workplace, who was well known for some of his bad traits. Most of the people had a poor opinion of him. This was the reason they were afraid of him and used to avoid him. In reality, he was an awful person but I never tried to avoid him but instead I decided to make best use of him in spite of his bad traits.

I never showed any aversion or contempt to him at any time as a result of which he started to co-operate with me. Gradually, I learnt that he had some good traits as well. In fact, he proved to be a good teacher to me. I learned from him how to tolerate his bad traits and how to make use of his good traits to manage the things properly. He taught me a good lesson of tolerance. He also taught me a lesson in the skills of inter-personal management. Thought I have retired from the job a few years back, the lessons I learnt from him are still useful to me. I always feel grateful to him as he taught me a valuable lessons