Finding the sanctity of profound inner peace
A few years ago, I was blessed with a truly amazing experience during meditation. I felt myself taken on an inner journey to the highest realms of vibrational consciousness. The journey was metaphored by a wonderous visual parallel which helped me dissolve deeper and deeper into awesome self acceptance. The journey led ultimately to a serene inner temple of infinite benevolence; it felt like coming home. It was not until speaking with others, that I realised this journey was open to each and every one of us should we choose to embark. So what is this Inner Temple all about, how might we access it and how can it help us on our continued journey?...

Our own personal Ashram
In the esoteric spiritual belief system, it is considered that we each belong to a circle of highly evolved masters located within the purest realms of consciousness - our own personal Ashram. It is said that this aspect of consciousness is totally benevolent and unconditionally loving; it watches us 'from on high' for the greater part of our journey but initially does little to involve itself in our trials and tribulations - our vibrational frequencies are just too far apart to interact. To us, we would hardly detect their faintest of feather touches; to them, our lightest embrace would be as if hugged by a raging grizzly with soar head and bad breath!

But as our priorities in life begin to shift from "what's out there" to "what's in here", the circle that watches from a distance begins to take greater notice shaping increasing synchronicity and inner guidance. They're helping us let go of our emotional, mental and karmic ballast, so our consciousness can begin the heavenward ascension like a hot-air-balloon rising on the thermals.

As our consciousness expands in this way, a greater sense of lightness and joy unfolds within us and our connection to our ashram strengthens. Ultimately, when we've shed enough baggage, we're invited to take our seat in the most sacred of places - the Inner Sanctum. Therein, a beautifully divine connection takes place.

Personal sharing
The event happened for me whilst meditating. Overcome by profound stillness one day, I found myself ascending into higher dimensions, the journey being facilitated by a wonderous visual parody.

I was of wandering through a mountainous rocky landscape looking out over vast open plains with crystal clear lakes; overhead, a vacuous blue sky becoming indigo and violet as it reached out into the cosmos. An undeniable inner pull drew me ever deeper into this mystical shangri-la until a spectacular, plateau-topped mountain appeared in the distance housing on its peak a magnificent walled city. As I drew closer, I could see to the side of the mountain was an ancient stone staircase seemingly chiseled into the rock by hand - no doubt the labour of many a monk honing their own humbling perfection.

The staircase guided me upwards to a Tibetan style village of mud and stone huts adorned with brightly coloured prayer flags. Children playing through the earthen streets greeted me enthusiastically with wide smiling faces taking my hands and leading me into the centre as if I'd been long expected and a little over-due. And in the centre stood a magnificent stone temple with two huge, ornately carved and painted doors which were undeniably beckoning.

As I walked up the steps towards them, they opened of their own accord and I was led inwards by an omnipresent consciousness flowing in, around and through me. I was taken along a stone-flagged, candle-lit aisle leading me deeper and deeper into the temple's womb. All around was the echoing hum of melodic chanting. There was no mistaking, it felt like an ancient wedding ceremony.

At the centre of the temple were two more doors, smaller this time but by no means any less impressive. It was clear that behind them lay something of immense importance; the culmination of my journey and the beginning of my destiny.

Once more the doors opened of their own accord and my eyes opened wide as the emergent light basked me in the glow of infinite benevolence and unconditional love; my heart was melting as I was drawn inside. A circle of divine beings sat in meditation with a crystal pyramid in the centre. Although the beings were formless, they also took on a metaphorical appearance that I might feast my eyes on their usually translucent form. Although genderless, I saw profoundly beautiful masculine and feminine; monk-like and at the same time angelic.

Telepathic knowing beckoned me to join the circle at one obvious place which I knew had been left open for me. It was as if a part of me had been sitting there in meditation for eons but in the lower consciousness I'd not known it. Now it felt just like coming home and tears began streaming down my cheeks at the overwhelming sense of rightness and self acceptance.

As I sat in circle, a supreme meditation took place which words will never properly justify. I experienced a deeply feminine lotus opening its soft, sensuous petals within my heart which then emerged from my chest to engage with those also appearing from the eldlers. Each merged as one to form a profound blossoming lotus centred above the apex of the crystal pyramid.

The lotus began to pulsate dissolving into a sphere of incandescent indigo light which then expanded slowly but surely to encompass the entire circle of beings. The combined energy propelled us higher and higher, heavenward through ever finer layers of cosmic consciousness.
Ultimately we reached the culmination of our journey, the Source of the Universe itself. We sat as if in a gateway of light around a circular pool of infinite emptiness. It was simply breath-taking, indeed breath was too heavy to be in this presence; the sense of self love and awesome okayness seemed to be dissolving away my very being.

We dwelled in this heavenly Shambala for what seemed like an eternity, until ultimately, unfortunately, it was clear that it was time to leave these higher vibrations but not before the telepathic knowing was imparted that this inner sanctum would remain with me always should I choose to go inwards and access it. It would be the source of profound higher perception, crystal clear knowing and authentic guidance. No need for channeling, which can so easily be distorted, this inner chamber was to be accessed by delving into deep inner recesses through pure stillness.

When I returned from my meditation, I realised I’d been ‘gone’ for some several hours. Needless to say, it left a big impact on my consciousness and will remain with me always.

So how may we apply this experience in life?
I believe we can each access our own Inner Sanctum in this way and for that to be of profound benefit in our lives. It can be our source of truth and direction in a confusing, hazy world of half truths and distortion. So how might we get there?

  • First of course there must unfold the sanctity of being for us to be able to access the lighter vibrational frequencies. This in itself can only come by relinquishing the desires, falsely perceived needs and much of society's conditioning. Its not just about dissolving base material desire, but also those perceived obligations to friends, family and loved ones. We must unfetter our consciousness so that the balloon may rise through the internal layers.
  • Second, we must delve deep into our karma. We must relive those past life experiences, releasing attachment to both good and bad - the sublime and the horrific. To reach this holy inner temple, it is as if we must crawl through the very fires of hell and burn away the dross limiting us. Is it that extreme some will say? Where did the love disappear to? To truly taste of unconditional love of this magnitude is to be able to transcend the all of it. It is to remain at our core unviolated amidst the very epitomy of violation. Do you have the courage? Of course - it is seeded within all of us when we dissolve the doors of denial which block its entrance.
  • Finally, having reached the Inner Temple and having been received into its heart, it is an experience that can always be called upon in every moment. It is an eternal light. To do so, we must continue to release any attachment and desire for outcome in this plane so that our usual state of consciousness is relaxed and surrendered openness. If we're always thinking or intending to do those things we think we want, then our consciousness will be simply too tight to access the temple and to remain in it.

That doesn’t mean to say we do nothing, for even not-doing is still doing! In allowing beingness to take presidence and releasing attachment to outcome, we are then able to stay open more of the time so that profound self acceptance, joy and unconditional love of the moment can arise from within. If it doesn’t want to arise, its because we’re still too attached to a particular need of that moment. Ultimately, we’ll feel the warming fires of light deep inside and they’ll permeate our whole beingness feeding its way into the things that our attention is brought to. We don’t have to mentally manifest anything, divine creation now happens of its own accord.

And Finally...
So is the Inner Sanctum our ultimate destiny? Yes and no. The Inner Sanctum in itself is a gateway - a stargate if you like - to nirvana, the place beyond experience completely. The Inner Sanctum is the finest mirror for something which cannot ultimately be seen - the Absolute - the Seer itself.

Of course we can taste of the Seer at anytime - it is the awesome ordinaryness which rests motionless in the background of our activity. It is the blank canvas on which action paints itself and bleeds just as quickly back into oneness as form is dispensed with. The purpose of the Inner Sanctum is to help us be in that place of the Seer the whole time and to unfold creation in line with our authentic destiny aligned with the divine plan. It is that place of clarity beyond all distortions, desire and temptation. In my truth, it is the finest expression of the expressionless that has been sought by all sentient beings our entire existence.

I believe the doorway to the Inner Sanctum is beckoning us all. In my experience it is by no means an easy journey, but it is one most definitely worth taking. In my truth, it is the ultimate destiny of all our journeying, the answer to all our dreams.