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~Quantum Metaphysical Alchemy Of The Quantum Flame Oneness Relationship~
sheryl heart
FOR MORE ABOUT ME AND TEACHINGS VISIT BELOW WEBSITES@ http://www.myspace.com/goddessoflight333 http://www.youtube.com/user/goddessoflight333?feature=mhee#p/f/13/nF8h9qYCq2Q http://lightworkers.org/user/7680 http://www.friendburst.com/GODDESSOFLIGHT/ The non-utilitarian relationship is that of two beings enjoying being without any idealism dynamism on either part.they are together simply enjoying just being together. That is the quantum love relationship.That is what I AM all about.  
By sheryl heart
Published on 03/29/2012
Here we go into an understanding of the quantum flame oneness relationship in its multi dimensional nature from a quantum metaphysical point of view. First explored will be the quantum flame oneness relationship, in looking at what it is and detailed explanations of having it with self and a partner and the tools needed to manifest it with self. Topics explored will include healing tools you have within for manifesting quantum flame oneness within for self so you can share this with another such as biomorphic resonance,quantum psychology of the ego, working with the quantum psychology of the transpersonal state, healing roots and engrams,quantum psychological projection, quantum metaphysics of electromagnetics and biothermodynamic behavior and how all these play pivotal roles in living without suffering manifesting quantum non-utilitarian love within your self and sharing that with another. We also explore shadow flames and what is a quantum flame oneness relationship with another in its non-utilitarian quantum form through stages, symptoms, separation and reunion . But most of all, the portal to quantum non-utilitarian love begins with you in sacred union oneness of "all" living without suffering.