Love is pure expansion of energy.
An atom is a more dense contraction of energy.
In between these contractive and expansive vibrations of energy are degrees of physical matter, emotions, thoughts and awareness.

Everything is energy pulsating between expansion and contraction. Wave and particle.

That’s the simple nature of everything, from physical to consciousness.

When you are born you are registered with a birth certificate. This compulsory registration of a human being is known as creating a Legal Fiction or Strawman; a pseudo self that can be later controlled by laws and government. Your identity (personhood) is created for you. As you grow and learn about your reality, the world around you, you also become conditioned and indoctrinated in cultural teachings and belief systems and you will also be branded with a certain nationality. You take on all this persona believing it to be you. But if I took away your name, your gender, your beliefs, your culture and nationality, would this take away anything from you? No, because these ideas you have about yourself are only concepts. Concepts become structures, and structures at some point collapse or dissolve. Even our cells and our memories are structures and these will fade with time. What is constantly present and stable is AWARENESS. Your true identity is your awareness which cannot be labelled, defined or controlled, unlike the mind.

So who we think we are is like putting on a costume, playing a role that is given to us, calling it a name and pretending it all to be real.

As new born babes we are pure awareness. No contraction of thought, no structure or identity, just absolute awareness. But slowly that changes, the mind learns concepts and concepts form structures that create an illusion of separation.

Continue to play the part that you call “you”, but also know it is a structure, a part, the illusion of a separate entity, and like a sandcastle, will eventually dissolve back into the ocean of oneness.

To be “in this world” is having the awareness that you live in various degrees of contractive energy and that you are a Legal Fiction, with all the apparel, props and paraphernalia of an actor or actress.
To be “not of this world” is being the purest expansion of energy where the dancer and the dance are totally in love together. No contraction of thought into structure or identity, separation and division. You are one with the ocean of life, in love with all-that-is. You are in absolute awareness.