Silence- an unique energy

Dr.Pran Rangan

One day, a farmer was assisting in the seasonal chore of stocking an
icehouse, when he lost his watch. Loudly bewailing his misfortune, he set
about with his lantern and rake hunting for it in the sawdust on the house
floor. His companions joined him in the search, but their clamorous seeking
failed to turn up the watch.

When the men went to lunch, a small boy slipped quietly into the house
and found the watch! Asked by the astonished owner how he had done it, the
youngster explained:  "Well, sir, I just lay down on the sawdust and kept
very still and silent, and soon I heard the watch ticking."


The above story underlines the value of silence in stilling the mind.


Observe silence on a regular basis starting from a period of ten minutes to one hour. Initially, though difficult but with practice it will get easier. Gradually, it will become a habit. One who practices the observance of silence experiences its unique effects. This helps silence the constant chatter of the mind, which is by nature always restless. Silence calms the restlessness of mind by withdrawing senses from sense objects.


On some religious festivals in India, some persons undertake observance of silence for long periods even for days. This is said to promote the spiritual growth of the person. The term “mauna”( in Hindi it means spiritual silence) refers to a form of silence that can be summed up as the silence and stillness of seeking. Gautama Buddha practiced silence in his quest for enlightenment. 


Silence is the voice of the inner-self. It is the language of our soul. By observing regular silence, one starts delving one’s inner-self. Thus, our inner-self becomes stronger, which begins to overwhelm the mind and ego. Silence has a unique energy to it. When there is silence, our ego is temporarily switched off or at least made quiet. Then we see the real world as it should be because din and noise get in the way of our reality.


With mind at rest and peaceful due to the observance of silence, we lessen our worries and problems. We develop a new, more evolved perspective to deal with them. We develop a special insight to find out the solution of the problems.