It is of no use to blame or dislike others. If you don’t like someone, you don’t have to go near that person. But don’t create problems for that person or condemn him or her either.

It is even better to try to find out why you don’t like someone. Analyze it. You may not like certain things he or she does. Fine, but you should ask yourself, “Haven’t I done the same thing before?” Maybe you have learned that lesson and you are not doing it now. The other person is still making that mistake, and will learn the lesson just as you did. Allow others to in their own time. Have compassion and understanding. When you think in this way, you stop disliking the person. You may even be able to help the person. But if you cannot, allow that one to take his or her own time to learn and grow.

We are not all at the same level. With the proper understanding you will not have any difficulty in liking everyone. If you dislike someone, it’s your mistake because you lack understanding. That person might be a terrible sinner who made a lot of mistakes, but your dislike is also a mistake. So if you can not help the person, at least do not dislike him or her. You have probably done that same thing before but have just forgotten about it. People grow by making mistakes. That is why we should never hesitate to give more chances to people. Give a helping hand rather than a condemning one.