There is a difference between religion and faith. In many ways, all religions are extremely similar. For example; Meditating is a lot like praying and both aim at achieving the same thing. They aim at making you feel a full time belief/faith (in literally everything you do) that, in you lies a greater source of power. Enlightenment , having christ in your heart, or the knowledge that god is overlooking you, are forms of this faith. And what comes along with this omnipresence of faith? A vast certainty inside that no matter what happens, you are part of a greater plan, and that ALL and everything is part of it. Microscope anything down to it's tiniest form and you will find this to be true. Everything is made of the same thing (energy), and that matter not even scientists can explain (metaphysics etc..). So therefore, things like harming others, karma, sins, stealing and hate, things that religion say you SHOULDN'T do, actually hinder the achievement of this "greater power", so these religions do have a point. However, a lot of the meaning behind religion has been lost; be it by geographical expansion, the passage of time or whatever reason. Hence, people end up tackling religion in a superficial way and all they take out of the experience is the "SHOULDN'T DO" part, the negativity. When, "all you need is love" to get there.