"If you observe the mind,
you will find that
the mind always
needs to attach
itself to something.

It is always looking
to grab hold of something.

Every thought that arises,
it grabs hold of it,
it possess the thought
as its own.

The mind has no form
on its own,
it simply takes the form
of whatever it grabs hold of.

But the mind
cannot attach itself
to this moment.

Because when it tries
to grab hold of this moment,
there is nothing to hold on to.

When you give your full attention
to this moment,
you will find it is formless.

So to be fully present
in this moment,

the mind either
needs to fix itself
on something
like a mantra,
self inquiry,
a guru,
feeling the Shakti/bliss,

or it needs to
cease holding on
to anything.

It needs to fall back
upon itself
and realize
its own formlessness.

One method
is not better
than the other.



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