"If you realize
unconditional peace
through meditation,
then you can experience it
in everything.

It is not that
you have peace
in meditation
and then in your normal
waking state
that peace is gone.

You will find
that peace in everything.
That experience of nurturing love
is the essence of all experience.

It loves you
and nurtures you completely
in a way no person can.

If you give this peace
your full attention,

if you allow yourself
to be completely open
and vulnerable to it,
then it takes care of everything,
it seemingly transforms every particle
that you find yourself to be
into it's own vibration
of love.

If you surrender
your sense of separateness
to it,
then it dissolves that separateness,
it dissolves all conflict.

In every experience that arises,
it invites you into the essence
of that experience
like an inviting warm bath
and you dissolve
back into it
so you are fully
saturated in peace;
so there is no thing
and no experience
that is not that peace.

But if you hold
on to your ideas,

if you make
what you think you know
more important than
the not knowing,

if you trade your vulnerability
for a sense of self importance,
then it cannot touch you.

You have shut the peace out
and you feel separate from it.
And that is a horrible way to live:
to feel separate from love.

Then you depend on others
to feel loved,
you depend on distractions
to feel peace.

And those distractions
and desires never
quench your thirst
for love,
they only seem
to take you
further and further
away from it.



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